Hot News! Our favorite cartoonist, Leigh Ruben, is featured in the opening credits of the movie, Moola.

We invite you to watch his clever work.

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Maybe you could call Leigh Rubin a sit-down comedian. But whatever you call him, he's just gratified to have the opportunity to make other people laugh. With his cartoon panel, Rubes, in hundreds of newspapers across the country and gracing millions of greeting cards, mugs and T-shirts, Rubin has plenty of opportunities.

Rubes, in the form that cartoon aficionados now know it, began appearing in newspapers in 1984 and the first paperback collection of Rubes was published in late 1988 by G.P. Putnam & Sons. His most recent series of books include The Wild Life of...Love, Cats, Dogs, Pets, Cows and Farm Animals.

Originally self-syndicated, Rubes is now distributed by Creators Syndicate to more than 400 newspapers worldwide. As one of the most popular single-panel cartoons, Rubes is a regular feature in SkyWest's United Express and Delta Connections magazines. Rubes appears in such major daily metropolitan papers as the San Diego Union Tribune, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, the Winnipeg Free Press, the Washington Times, the Sacramento Bee, the Houston Chronicle, the Orange County Register, and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Leigh Rubin's newest cartoon collection - "The Wild Life of Love" will be released on Valentine's Day. If you've ever wondered about the love life of your pet or those pesky squirrels in your yard, Rubin has the answers. Guaranteed: this book will "less" your stress!

To see Leigh's books and a daily cartoon: http://www.comics.com/creators/rubes/html/comic_books.html

Leigh's Publisher: www.willowcreekpress.com/rubes

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