If there's one word that describes our society, it is stress. Hurried, harried, and too busy, many of our citizens find themselves in a persistent state of overwhelm, overload, and distraction. Like lapsing into a momentary ADD-like state: they get busy, they get preoccupied, they don't pay attention, they make mistakes, they blame themselves for their dumb mistakes (or somebody else does), their stress goes up, and so it goes. This doesn't sound familiar, does it?

But it's true for all of us. There are times when stress seems to materialize out of nowhere and take over like some kind of shape-shifting alien who entraps you in its force field. During these moments you may feel helplessly caught up in the hustle and bustle of the moment, unable to rescue yourself from its clutches.

You Talkin' to Me?

Are you one of the hurried, the worried, the busy, the bugged, the dashing, the gnashing, the itchy, the twitchy, the bustling, the hustling? Do you race from one commitment to the next, draining your energy, robbing your peace of mind, and stretching your budget while still wanting more? Are you trading precious sleep and relaxation time for so-called productivity, lamenting that there aren't enough hours in the day to keep your mind and body (or relationships) in perfect shape like those relentlessly blissful people in ads and on magazine covers?

There are too many too busy, too scheduled, too stressed, too over worked, worked over couples who can't stop long enough to take a breath, let alone make love or keep their relationships in shape. Now called the DINS (Double Income, No Sex) these overloaded, overwhelmed individuals find themselves frantically trying to do as much as they possibly can every day, to the point of near exhaustion. Yet each morning, they're back out there, compulsively repeating the same frenzied pattern, as if some alien force has erased their memory of the day before. They don't seem to realize there are other options, like stop already! You might know someone who fits this description.

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