A couple heading for their first dog show back out of the drive, their van packed to the gills with dog food, cages, grooming supplies; everything but their sofa. Suddenly they see the face of their left behind show puppy, nose pressed to the living room window, tail slowly wagging, a forlorn look on its face.

A man sits in the car, waiting to pick up his wife after work when a complete stranger jumps in and then screams when she realizes this isn't her car and he isn't her husband.

If you've ever found yourself in the Duh! Zone like the stressed and pressed individuals described above, (or you hovered too long near its borders) you might get a sense that Bless Your Stress is a book you'd like to read.

Fun examples, lively language, witty quotations, cartoons, and Guess your Stress! quizzes in every chapter will enlighten and entertain you. While the subject of stress is serious, the tone of Bless Your Stress is not. It's an enjoyable, solution-focused, light hearted approach to handling the anxiety we live with every day, offering these unconventional strategies and more:

  • Confronting myth-guided notions about stress
  • Signing the Official Control Release form relinquishing your fictitious hold on universal forces
  • Discovering WWME, your 24/7 internal radio station ("all you, all the time") and what it can do for you, or to you
  • Rescuing yourself with the doctor approved Heim-like Maneuver to prevent your choking on a mental hairball
  • Cultivating the art of wait lifting: systematically building up your patience without injuring yourself
  • Taking a light look at differences in gender, style, and personality and how they can make a positive difference
  • Discovering the secret stress balm called W.A.R.T. Begone
  • Avoiding Repetitive Notion Syndrome so you don't drive yourself crazy
  • Meeting the inner child no one ever talks about
  • Creating blessings for all occasions: bringing out your inner imp
  • Using the all-purpose Pause Button as a "stoportunity" for a stress check
  • Knowing how and when to T.I.E. one on
  • From the unthinkable to the unsinkable

and much, much more

The climate is perfect for a fresh take on this well-worn topic. After all, we've tried to manage stress, embrace it, control it, release it, harness it, channel it, and transform it. But until now, no one has dared to bless it!

From beginning to end, from the ridiculous to the sublime, this book offers a common sense message delivered in a highly uncommon fashion. Irresistible logic, irrepressible humor, and unquestionable hope spring eternal from two authors who not only practice what they preach, but preach what they practice as well.


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