How many people do you know who are consistently relaxed, healthy, having fun, and fully enjoying life? Do you even know anyone who fits this description? But here's the real question: if you compiled such a list, would your name be on the roster? If so, you'll love this book for what it has to say. If not, you need this book for what it has to say!

Despite the serious nature of this topic, we promise that Bless Your Stress will make you nod in agreement, smile in amusement, and maybe laugh out loud. It will also inspire you into action. This book will help you discover how you unknowingly create and maybe even perpetuate your stress. It will help you break the stress cycle and create a more fulfilling future. If you can relate to any of the following, this book is for you:

  • You finally find time for a ten-minute relaxation break to breathe and relax like the stress experts suggest but after three minutes you're more stressed than before you sat down. This is because you can't stop thinking about everything you should be getting done right now instead of sitting there like a lump, doing nothing.
  • You spend more time than you'd like to admit thinking how much better life would be if your boss, neighbor, coworker, or a certain family member were to undergo a massive personality transplant.
  • You engage in psychic relationship management, wishing that the people around you could simply read your mind and know what you want without your having to say so.
  • You finally start your new diet on Monday, but by Friday you blow it so badly that you compulsively stuff yourself all weekend. You end up feeling fatter and more desperate than you were the week before.

Sound familiar? See, we said you're not alone. As human beings, we all have our contradictory ways of trying to handle the pressures in our lives and some of them don't work terribly well. Got stress? If so, you're in good company. These days, stress is more common than the common cold and more plentiful than political pundits in an election year.

Of course, you already know that every day can't be picture perfect. Just like sex, chocolate cake, and Super Bowls, some are better than others. But relief is in sight, and it doesn't come in a capsule or bottle; it comes from you. Just read this book a bit at a time, try these ideas, and we guarantee things will improve, even on the days when stress chooses to raise its prickly little head. But stick around: you'll discover the good news (and the bad news) about stress, how it fits in your life, and how you can whittle it down to size. You'll be glad you did.

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