Stress or Bless: the beginning of chapter 2

After reading this chapter you'll be better able to assess everyday situations for their stress potential. To further this purpose, we'll start out with a quick quiz. It has only two items. You have a choice between a stressing response and a blessing response: choose the reaction most typical of you. Be as honest as you can, and if that's too difficult, read the quiz to someone who knows you well and let them answer. Then, once you've finish the heated discussion that will most likely follow their assessment, put a blessing on their comments, and read on.

Let's Play Guess Your Stress!

Situation: You have owned and heavily used an ink jet printer for three years now. Today, for the first time, a clerk at the office supply store explains their policy: every time you return a used printer cartridge to their store you will receive a free ream of paper.


___ a) Are ticked off because no one ever told you about this and you can't stop thinking about all the free reams of paper you missed out on.

___ b) Are delighted to hear this news and you'll take advantage of it as soon as the current cartridge runs out.

Debrief: Yes, it would have been nice to have known this three years ago but you didn't have a clue about the store's policy, and hey, you were in a pretty good mood before you heard this news. Life doesn't have an "undo" button like computer software, so why let your attitude go south? You have better things to focus on such as reading more of this book or savoring a piece of chocolate while visualizing all the free reams of paper looming in your future.


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