We human beings have always possessed both the ability (and the need) to laugh. It's no accident that there's a comedy channel and even local comedy clubs where we can go forget our troubles for a few hours. The more stressful and serious a society becomes, the greater the need for relief. Considering there isn't an epidemic of Rent-a-Stress companies springing up everywhere, it would appear that everyone has enough of their own right now.

Are we suggesting you should eliminate all of the tension in your life? No, and you won't want to. You see, death is nature's way of telling you to slow down. The only completely and totally Stress Free Zone that exists is a cemetery (for the residents, that is). In other words, absolutely no stress means you're now riding the Pale Horse, hitchhiking with the Grim Reaper, cooling down with the Big Chill, drawing those heavy, fatal curtains one last time. Do these bleak images make you feel at least a wee bit better about the stress in your life?

Hey, if you're still able to gaze down at the grass instead of staring up at its dirty underbelly, this in itself is something to celebrate. After all, a bad day alive beats the heck out of a good day dead! So we're not going for utterly stress-free here, just a lower ratio. Like the story of the three bears, you don't want your stress load too big (overwhelm) or too small (boredom). You want it to be just right. Maybe it would help if you thought of stress as life's way of giving you a friendly nod. "Howdy partner! Grab a chair and sit a spell. Relax. Put your feet up and take a load off." Maybe even read this book!


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