A Lot of Nerve

Though stress has always been a part of the curious condition called life, it wasn't always so commonplace, nor so extreme. There was a time, not so long ago, when people would make a vague statement such as "My nerves have been bothering me lately," and that was pretty much the end of it. No rants. No fussing. No trips to the medicine cabinet. No calls to the family physician begging for a prescription. No one protesting that they were in even worse shape. This was the way life was and you just accepted it: sometimes your nerves bothered you and most of the time they didn't.

Well, you can't get away with a simple little statement like that today. Once the word "stress" became a part of our vocabulary, things began to change. It worked its way up the corporate ladder and got a promotion. It became real. After all, stress sounds far more serious than a little case of nerves. It's now an official condition with an extensive assortment of pharmaceuticals for treating it. Stress is now something we worry about, talk about, obsess about. And we've gotten really good at it.

The Good News About Stress

So here it is. Stress is a part of life; it's here to stay. We'd like to think you are too, for as long as you can, and we'd like to help you to do it in style. Yes, stress is an issue for all of us, but hope and salvation are waiting in the wings.

Look up the word "bless" in a good dictionary. Beyond the first definitions you will find that the words bless and blessing are synonyms for happy and happiness. In other words, by blessing your stress you set the foundation for your own happiness.

Blessing your stress is an affirmation of your existence, acknowledgment of life's mixed bag, an openness to all of life's experiences, and armament for facing up to the tough stuff. Blessing your stress is a way of refusing to let the little, inconsequential irritations corrode the quality of your days. The more you bless, the more you let go of your stress.

We all know that life is a mixed blessing. Joy and sorrow. Good and bad. Up and down. Blessed and stressed. But some people don't recognize when they're in the middle of the blessed times. It's easy to obsess over things that don't really count: a drippy faucet, lousy drivers, slow lines, bad hair days, ruined manicures, traffic jams, spinach between your teeth, or weather warnings interrupting your favorite TV show.

When you focus on the little things that are wrong instead of the big things that are right in your life, it's easy to get jaded and off center. That's why we wrote Bless Your Stress . It's a great place to visit for a mental tune up or attitude adjustment, kinda like happy hour without the booze. We hope you'll belly up to our book, stick around for awhile, and enjoy a wise and witty blend of novel ideas designed to bring you lasting relief. Whew! We feel better already!


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