No More Bad Breath

When the long lived actress Sophie Tucker was asked about the secret to longevity, her answer was, "Keep breathing!" When Dr. Andrew Weil was asked if there were one single thing a person could do to enhance overall health and well-being, his answer was, "Breathing . " Well, there's breathing, and then there's breathing, but we seldom consciously think about this autonomic life-giving function. Believe it or not, there are classes on breathing: all kinds of them!

Right now, shift your attention to your breath. Are you breathing from your chest or your belly? Are you breathing deeply or superficially? Most of us have no clue about our breathing patterns, but here are some points to remember. When you're stressed, you will have a tendency to hold your breath or breathe in short, shallow gasps through your mouth. This will increase your anxiety.

Your breath should come from your belly, not your chest. Breathe in through your nose, not your mouth. Expand your belly on the inhale and gently contract your stomach muscles on the exhale. Teach yourself to make periodic breath checks throughout the day so you can pay more attention to your breathing patterns. If you start feeling stressed, stop and take a deep breath (through your nose). Slowly inhale, then slowly exhale. Remain still and repeat this cycle three times. You can't be both stressed and blessed at the same time: taking deep, slow breaths will help calm and center you. It will help you think more clearly. Some people put a little sign in their office that simply says "Breathe", to help them remember to breathe properly.


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