The obscure we see eventually; the completely obvious takes longer. -Edwin Newman

Too Stressed to be Blessed? A message with massive potential-just what you've been waiting for!

Assess Your Stress - Awareness: just like accessories, it separates you from the animals

Confess Your Stress - Life is not a duress rehearsal: irks, jerks, and quirks (what stresses you?)

Address Your Stress - Please pass the whine: what really happens when you push the panic button

Less Your Stress - Unthinkable or unsinkable? It's entirely up to you

Yes Your Stress - Discovering the inner child you didn't know you had: your inner brat

Finesse Your Stress - Don't distress: remove the W.A.R.T. with finesse

Press Your Stress - Fueling up for peak performance by following Miss Piggy's advice

Bless Your Stress - Instant blessings: handling the irks, jerks, and quirks with a smile

Profess Your Stress - Finding your trump card, improving your game: deja you


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